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Professionally accredited service in Northumberland offering counselling psychology, psychotherapy, counselling and support.

Feeling depressed or anxious? Need to make a change? I am a chartered and registered Counselling Psychologist and Psychotherapist based in Northumberland with extensive experience of working in a variety of NHS settings. Half price initial assessment sessions available now.


Based in Northumberland, I can offer late evening & weekend appointments to fit around your schedule.


Appointments are available weekdays between 8am & 9pm and Saturdays between 9am & 1pm.

Therapy at Beacon

 Why we are different…

An unfortunate stigma has been attached to issues arising from mental health for too long.  Personal experience has taught me that people should not feel ashamed when needing support or guidance.  My aim is to shine a light on mental health and to serve as a beacon of knowledge, understanding and best-practice.


At Beacon  I offer a wide range of therapies that are catered to your individual needs.  A half-price initial consultation will offer the opportunity to meet with me to discuss your particular concerns at greater length and to decide which type of therapy may be suitable for you at this time.

What I Do

I develop a shared understanding of your current situation and create a personalised treatment plan.

How I Do It

I will work collaboratively through a process of guided reflection and discovery to achieve lasting change.


I am a fully qualified HCPC Registered Counselling Psychologist, with years of experience.

Where I Am

My clinic is discretely situated in the heart of Northumberland.

Any Questions?

Many of the questions that you may have can normally be answered during your initial half-price consultation. 

Some frequently asked questions are addressed here. Click the questions in the panel to reveal the answers. If you have a question that isn’t answered here please contact me and I’ll do my best to help.


Does Therapy Work

This is important question – a lot of the success between the therapist and client depends on your expectations, an initial assessment helps to clarify your goals of therapy.

How do I know if I need therapy?

Only you can decide whether you wish to engage with therapy. Just talking to someone confidentially who is not a friend or family member can make all the difference. Therapy is both a time, and finical commitment and this is explored during an initial assessment.

How long is therapy?

Each therapeutic journey is deeply unique to the individual. You can go to a therapist once, for a few months, or embark on long-term therapy–each depends on different expectations and goals.

Is therapy for times of crisis?

You don’t need to have a ‘major’problem to go to a therapist. Just feeling unable to deal with your problem or feeling unhappy makes you a good therapy candidate. However, people often look for a therapist during a crisis. The reason for going to therapy at this point is so to be able to stabilize your life and reduce feelings of being overwhelmed, threat, panic, fear and confusion.

Is it confidential, judgmental, embarrassing?

Confidentiality is explained in full during an initial assessment, this service is non-judgmental and while you may hold some embarrassment about disclosing issues I hope that we can very quickly alleviate any embarrassment so as to best support any problem you may be struggling with.

What does it cost?

Initial assessment: £50 per session
Individual therapy: £80 per session

Initial assessment: £50 per session
Couple’s therapy: £90 per session

Supervision: £45 per session

I am an approved provider with insurance companies AVIVA and AXA PPP Healthcare. If you would like your appointments to be covered by your insurance then it is usually best to contact your provider to confirm their criteria. If you would like any assistance then please contact me. Note that my fees for insurance work are variable and thus differ from those quoted above.

About Me

Born and raised in Northumberland, I began my academic journey back in 1995 with an Honours degree in English & History before completing a PGCE at Newcastle University.

I embarked upon a career in education, both as an advanced skills teacher and HOD of English & Drama, combining this with working as an educational consultant for teacher training.

Over a decade later, I began to question the value of academic success as measured by targets as opposed to emotional wellbeing & development….

What People Say

Darren strikes the perfect balance between probing the underlying issue and providing tailored support to help you manage your condition in your daily life.

Darren has the unique ability to guide you to deeply analyse your condition without making the experience uncomfortable

“Over months of meeting, he carefully taught me how to cope with the problems I was having and overcome them; with patience, wisdom & experience”

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Watson House, 23 Oldgate, Morpeth, Northumberland, NE61 1QF.
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