Jane Spowart

In the last few years of a 27-year career in teaching, six of which as a Senior Leader, I began retraining as a therapist. It followed a period in a previous school when my post and a number of others was made redundant following a radical restructuring of the organisation due to financial reasons.

The impact of this experience made me re-evaluate my sense of identity and recognise a need for change and challenge while still working with others in a caring profession.

Issues I have faced in my own life as an employee, parent and partner to those struggling with their own mental health at times, are typical of many people, as is the common mind-set of ‘you just have to get on with it’. However, this isn’t always the healthiest attitude, because it doesn’t necessarily allow you to express, process or challenge your own thoughts, feelings and behaviours. Working with me will allow you to do just that.

I am a Humanistic Integrative Psychotherapist and Psychotherapeutic Counsellor, with experience of working with clients dealing with a wide range of issues including anxiety, depression, stress, trauma, grief and loss, low self-esteem, age-related issues, work-related issues, anger and relationships.

In addition, I also have a specialism in working with clients who struggle to manage a work/life balance due to working in high-pressure environments, such as the education sector and emergency services. Therapy can provide the safe space you need to make sense of what is happening in your life, regroup and feel empowered to make positive changes going forward.

I also work with couples to provide both longer term and brief intervention therapy, which focuses on helping all couples to develop more effective ways of problem-solving and interacting with one another to avoid repeating negative patterns of behaviour or allowing resentment to build up. You will increase your knowledge of yourself, your partner and learn new skills in how to communicate better, negotiate and deepen understanding of the dynamics in your relationship.

Often couples seek help at transitional points in their lives: when considering moving in together; before marriage; following a redundancy, loss, infertility or betrayal or when children leave home. You may be looking to improve or strengthen your relationship, separate in a healthy, respectful way or make an important decision that impacts your relationship. And it’s is not just those in a romantic relationship who can benefit from couples’ work; it can help navigate the complex challenges of any difficult relationship between family members, friends or colleagues.

Couples therapy can be for any stage in a relationship, whether you have been together for a short time or many years; there doesn’t need to be a crisis to seek help.

I believe in the importance of developing a strong, collaborative relationship with each client, so that I can tailor services to best meet the needs of the individual or couple. For most of us, we just want to find a sense of peace. Let me help in your journey to achieve it.

Life is stressful enough; finding a supportive therapist shouldn’t be!